MA 3D Surround Mix Stage

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Supported Formats

  • Dolby® ATMOS™
  • 7.1
  • 5.1

Equipment Used

  • 32 fader D-Control with dual panner capable of switching between two ProTools Systems.
  • 2 x ProTools HDX-2 with Ver-10 software
  • 3 x MADI interface
  • 1 x 192 I/O interface
  • 1 x Sync Interface
  • QSC DCP300 Cinema Processor
  • QSC Three Way Tri-amp Screen Monitoring System
  • QSC Surround Speaker Monitoring system for Dolby ATMOSTM , 7.1 & 5.1 formats
  • SD Video / HD Video for Mixing & to QC Movie Sound.


  • Dolby ATMOS file
  • 7.1 Wave files or 5.1 Wave file


  • Been in Industry for 25 years since 1986
  • First in India to do Dolby Stereo premix and the Final Mix happened in UK.
  • First in India to do Digital audio recording
  • First in India to do 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Mixing for movies in DTS format
  • First in India to get THX certified Surround Sound Mix Stage.
  • First in India to adopt mixing capabilities in Dolby® ATMOS™
  • Re-mastered the sound of AVM Productions’ “Sivaji 3D” starring Rajnikanth
  • Chief Sound Engineer Geeta M. Gurappa -The first engineer in India to work on Dolby® ATMOS™